Suomen Ufotutkijat ry - F U F O R A


Finnish UFO Research Association FUFORA (Suomen Ufotutkijat ry SUT) was established in Tampere in the year 1973. The goals of the association are to investigate UFOs (= Unidentified Flying Objects), to collect and spread UFO information and to educate UFO investigators. FUFORA acts also as a co-operative organ for UFO investigators. Members of our society are both Tampere Ufo ry and Turun Ufo ry (local UFO associations in Tampere and Turku).

Our archives are located in Tampere, but our association is acting on the national basis. Around Finland FUFORA has over 250 members, of which 59 ones are working as official UFO investigators.

"Our association has no advance attitude on the origin of UFOs. We don't claim that all the UFO phenomena are unexplained, but we don't either dispute apriori a possibility that there are the phenomena still unexplained by the modern science. In our opinion in UFO investigation we need both ciriticism and open-mindedness - that means common sense."